Creating Your Low Hanging Fruits with Private Label Rights

It’s sound business strategy for recognized Internet Marketing experts that have been in the business a long time to create their own high ticket products. The credibility connected to their name or brand offers a high chance to success. Although this option is often out of reach for new marketers, this shouldn’t stop them from creating what I call:

Low Hanging Fruit in the context of Internet Marketing is, quite simply, a product that is easy to create and that solves an easy problem. A low price tag (i.e. $7.00 to $27.00) caters to an audience with a low budget and is a readily accessible market, even for the novice. If you’re very new to making money online, even this may sound like a challenging prospect . . . until you factor in Private Label Rights products.

A well-edited PLR product with some fresh graphics can easily be rebranded into a newly spawned Information Product that is unique to your name or brand. You should still aim to produce a good quality, final product, but this area of the market is much easier to target because the low price tag means your customers will not have the high expectations that come with a heavily publicized, high-ticket, home study course.

A straight-forward solution, to a straight-forward problem, at an impulse-decision price point. That’s the juicy, Low Hanging Fruit that anyone can create with a decent PLR product and a little endeavor.

But don’t assume that Low Hanging Fruit and a low price tag mean low profits. You can create an instant one-time-offer upsell – without expending any additional effort – simply by offering the Master Resell Rights to your new customer. If the upsell is refused, follow-up immediately with a one-time-offer downsell of Basic Resell Rights! Most PLR product providers allow you to sell their products with any form of resell rights so take full advantage of what the license permits and maximize your income potential.

An alternative approach – but along the same lines – is to use the legendary $7 script*. The upfront income is reduced, but the upside is that you can generate an army of affiliates who are happy to promote your Low Hanging Fruits for 100% commissions. If you have your upsell, downsell and backend offers well-planned out, there is the potential to earn a lot more, simply because of the greater volume of customers this can generate.

There is a plenty of profit potential here, but realistically you shouldn’t expect this to be a path to instant riches. Think of it as a straight-forward, easily picked, method to get started. As your presence and customer list grows, you’re earning experience and credibility that will afford you a whole host of new options in the future.

Once you’ve grabbed one Low Hanging Fruit, each successive one will be that little bit easier to pluck. Conservatively, if you create just one product a month, this means you will have twelve products on sale after just one year! What if you churn out two a month? Or three a month? Or more? This is a strategy that is totally within your control; how far and fast you progress is completely up to you!

*if you don’t have it, Google it and you’ll find plenty of reseller sites offering it for… $7

By Edmund Loh
This article was originally featured in Mike Filsaime’s print newsletter, “MDC Monthly.” You can get a free trial copy shipped to your door by clicking here.

Edmund Loh is a digital Private Label Rights expert and has been marketing online since 2005. Some of Edmund’s bestselling products include PLRGold: Enterprise, PLRGold: Videos, Resell Rights Mastery, and Mega Red Packet. Visit Edmund Loh’s Internet Marketing blog at for his latest online marketing strategies, witty business ideas and insights into building a successful 6 figure Internet Business.

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